Founder, Chairman and CEO

Steven J. Pozycki

As founder, Chairman and CEO of SJP Properties, Steven J. Pozycki has revolutionized real estate development on the eastern seaboard, setting new standards for excellence. Since its establishment in 1981, SJP has become one of the foremost names in real estate, known for delivering top-tier office, mixed-use, industrial and luxury residential properties that enhance their communities.

Under Mr. Pozycki’s decades of leadership, SJP has developed over 25 million square feet of premier real estate, earning a stellar reputation among corporations, institutional investors, and lenders. Notable projects include Morris Corporate Center, Somerset Corporate Center, Waterfront Corporate Center and the iconic 11 Times Square.

Mr. Pozycki’s commitment to innovation is evident in SJP’s pioneering developments, such as urban properties integrated with regional transportation infrastructure. He has also led the expansion of luxury residential offerings in Manhattan with buildings like Platinum, 45 Park Avenue and 200 Amsterdam.

Beyond real estate, Mr. Pozycki is actively involved in civic and charitable endeavors, serving on various boards and supporting organizations dedicated to community improvement and combating substance abuse.

An alumnus of Monmouth University, Mr. Pozycki is recognized for his leadership and contributions, having received accolades such as the Leadership Excellence Award from Monmouth’s Real Estate Institute and Cor Jesu Award from St. Joseph’s High School

Steven J. Pozycki

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