Environmental Ethics in Action

SJP is highly regarded for adhering to the highest standards of sustainability as one of the foremost developers of green buildings in the eastern United States. In 2007, the Company committed to achieving LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for all its future commercial development projects.

SJP has extensive experience building approximately 4,700,000 sf of LEED certified or sustainable facilities. Additionally, SJP has instituted programs to reduce waste and increase efficiency as well as an energy upgrade and monitoring initiative that has enabled a 41 percent reduction in overall energy consumption across its portfolio from 2014 through 2023.

Because LEED certification is not an option for residential buildings, SJP also has a vast amount of experience in constructing sustainable residential projects which are certified National Green Building Standard.

Current certifications to date:
LEED Platinum
  • Panasonic North America - Interior
  • 11 Times Square
  • Prudential Global Headquarters
  • Waterfront Corporate Center III
  • Harborside 1
  • Two Riverfront Plaza
  • Proskauer - Interior
  • Pearson Education - Interior
  • EY - Interior
  • Microsoft - Interior
LEED Silver
  • M Station East
  • 70 Speedwell Avenue
NGBS Silver
  • The Modern - Phase I
  • The Modern - Phase II

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