Our Approach

The SJP approach streamlines the development process. The SJP team functions as a seamless extension of each client’s internal team while we manage the entire building process.

SJP becomes the single point of contact for every client and the company oversees all elements of the building process from finance and capital to program and construction management through marketing, leasing, facilities management, and property management.

Traditional Approach

SJP Project
Solutions Approach

Steel Structure of M Station West

End-to-End /
Service Lines

A meticulous end-to-end process of developing and building a project informs all SJP Properties developments as well as third-party projects.

Master Planning

We start with thorough Master Planning, inclusive of site evaluation, feasibility studies, site massing, land use review, building evaluation and program management.

  • Site Evaluation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Massing
  • Land Use Review
  • Building Evaluation
  • Program Management

In the Pre-development phase, we perform requirements evaluations, due diligence, site selection, coordinate design schematics, and pursue local board approvals and permitting.

  • Requirement Evaluation
  • Due Diligence
  • Site Selection
  • Design Coordination
  • Approvals and Permitting
Design Development

A rigorous Design Development process ensues in which we create the design firm RFP, receive bids and select the architect. We implement a design schedule with milestones identified, oversee and coordinate the entire design process and create a detailed end-user schedule.

  • Design Firm RFP, Bidding & Selection
  • Design Schedule & Milestones
  • Design Oversight & Coordination
  • Detailed End-User Review
  • Constructability Review and Multi-Discipline Design Coordination
Site Development

We next focus on Site Development with design consultations and process management. We work with local government to expeditiously obtain permits and project approvals. We create the sitework RFP and conduct bidding and selection in this area. We oversee project construction management and engage with utility providers for service connection.

  • Design Consultation & Management
  • Permitting and Project Approvals
  • Sitework RFP, Bidding & Selection
  • Project Construction Management
  • Utility Coordination and Service Connection
Core & Shell

At the Core & Shell stage, the SJP team creates the building programming and design schematic, performs the constructability review, drafts the contractor RFP and performs bidding and selection, conducts project budgeting and oversees project management through property turnover to client/tenant.

  • Building Programming & Design
  • Constructability Review
  • Contractor RFP, Bidding & Selection
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Management Through Turnover

At the final stage, Interiors, we perform design management and consultation, project budgeting, permitting and approvals and construction management inclusive of managing subcontractors. We ensure the project is fully executed with meticulous attention to each last detail and then we turn the project over to enable occupancy by our client or tenant.

  • Design Management and Consultation
  • Project Budgeting
  • Permitting & Approvals
  • Construction Management (With Direct Subcontractors)
  • Project Execution Through Turnover & Occupancy

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