Assistant Vice President – Leasing & Development

Laura Paridy

Laura joined SJP in 2015, over time transitioning into a development analyst role where she provided analytical and financial support to the financing, acquisition, development and leasing teams. In her current role as Assistant Vice President – Leasing & Development, Laura continues to support the activities of upper management, leveraging her analytic skill for the ongoing monitoring of existing investments and exploring the best options for the team’s decision-making process in order to maximize asset value. Laura also has a focus on lease negotiation and related activities, as well as lease administration, working in collaboration with other internal departments.

Prior to joining SJP Properties, Laura spent over a decade working in real estate accounting and asset management. During that time, she developed a broad knowledge of residential and commercial real estate investments with experience including acquisitions, development and commercial/residential real estate lending.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Laura Paridy

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