Senior Project Accountant

Gene Morrow

During his time at SJP, Gene has worked on residential, commercial, repositioning and tenant fit-out projects across the SJP portfolio. Notable residential projects have included 45 Park Avenue and 200 Amsterdam. Significant commercial projects include Eleven Times Square, Panasonic North American Headquarters, Waterfront Corporate Center III and M Station West. Notable interior fit-out projects include and EY.  In addition, Gene worked on the repositioning of Harborside Plaza 1, 2 and 3 which entailed the redesign and reskinning of the office complex.

As a Senior Project Accountant, Gene has collaborated with colleagues across multiple departments to develop processes to improve communications. He has also developed training material for current accounting software used, trained the Accounts Payable team and the project accountants one on one in the processing of invoices employing a standardized common-sense approach that incorporates the how and why with the resources needed to efficiently accomplish the task and directing the project accountants.

Gene enjoys working on multiple projects simultaneously which encompasses coordinating with inside and outside personnel to meet the various deadlines including reprioritizing the tasks to be performed to accomplish the daily goals.

Gene Morrow

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