• Bridgewater, NJ
  • 115,000 sq. ft.
  • Four Floors
  • Occupied Construction
  • Training & Collaboration Rooms
  • Executive Private Office and Meeting Rooms
  • Multipurpose Training Rooms
  • Conference & Meeting Facilities
  • Mission Critical IT / Security / Power

iconectiv’s infrastructure included 30 tons of supplemental cooling throughout, (2) emergency generators, multiple mission critical UPS, ATS, paralleling gear, multiple telecommunication and emergency power risers through occupied areas, (5) Boone Edam revolving security doors and an extensive access control/surveillance system. Each system receiving a detailed enhanced commissioning processes due to the mission critical/emergency services components of their business.

iconectiv selected SJP to manage the construction of their new North American Headquarters. SJP executed on the construction, testing, commissioning and training of a massive mission critical power, communication and security network while keeping all adjacent occupied tenants unimpacted. The infrastructure upgrades include a new rack MDF and (9) IDF rooms capable of handling the network and security infrastructure to handle iconectiv’s emergency response services.

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